Writing Tip No. 1

16 Nov

I plan to give my fans regular writing tips. Some of them are useful, others are fun. These would cost a fortune in any bookshop. They are given to you free of charge and in the hope you will click the Like button every time you come here, and pass on the good news to your friends.

Whenever you can, try writing in longhand. That is to say, without a keyboard. There was a time when a pen was the only man, like a pint of plain in a Flann O’Brien novel. (And if you haven’t read a Flann O’Brien novel by now, what on earth have you been doing with your time at university?) Get a good pen, the best you can afford, one that your hand feels comfortable holding and with a point that glides smoothly over the page, like a swan on a lake. You should find that your relationship with what you write will start to be closer than when you type on a keyboard. When you have written your essay, paper, or article in this fashion, turn on your computer and type it in. This will be your first edit. As you type, all your careless errors, your awkward stylisms, and all your grammatical blunders will jump off the page at you. Unless you’ve had too many pints of plain, in which case it is probably worse now than when it started. Try to avoid this happening.


You can find out more about me and the writing services I offer at http://www.writerewrite.co.uk There will be regular writing tips here.


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